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Stephanie and Matthew

lake como, italy

Our Story

In 2012, Stephanie moved to NYC, where she made herself home in a kitchenette-turned-bedroom—that's NYC for you! In that same building, just two floors up from her, in the same kitchenette-turned-bedroom, Matthew was living his best NYC life. The two vaguely knew each other from Penn State, but began spending more time together in NY— recapping their nights and laughing over reality TV. Little did she know, this would be her future husband.

After a few years of living separate lives in the Big Apple, the two ran into each other at a dive bar in 2019. Matt asked Stephanie to stay for wine and darts (of course, there had to be games)— and the rest is history!

Stephanie and Matt enjoy traveling the world, laughing over games, and trying the latest restaurants — but their favorite moments are spent having "cozy nights" at home.

They are excited to celebrate their future and share their love of traveling by bringing together their closest friends and family in beautiful Lake Como.